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What are 'Race Tools'? An Introduction

Woolich Racing’s ‘Race Tools’ products provide your bike with additional capabilities designed for the race track. 

There are five core Race Tools products that we offer: Quickshifters, Autoblippers, Pit Speed Limiter, Engine Warm-up and Launch Control. Not all models have Race Tools products available, and not all Race Tools products will be available on all models. To install Race Tools on your motorcycle, you will need to have the Race Tools key activated on your ECU, with a Woolich Racing flash. 

Quickshifters and Autoblippers
Quickshifters and Autoblippers both use a load sensor on the shift rod, but refer to two different operations.

A Quickshifter allows the bike to shift up in gears without needing to use the clutch or roll off the throttle by either cutting ignition or cutting fuel to the engine. 

An Autoblipper allows the bike to shift down in gears without using the clutch, or without having to open the throttle manually by using the bike’s ETV (Electronic Throttle Valve) to 'blip' the throttle for you. 

An Autoblipper is only possible on models that use a ride-by-wire throttle, ie. the throttle is controlled electronically by the ECU. This is common on most modern motorcycles, and allows the combination of Quickshifter and Autoblipper in a single product.  If the bike uses a cable throttle, it can only be offered with a Quickshifter (ie. no Autoblipper possible). 

We have two different sensors for the Quickshifter product; the GP Switch sensor, which is for Quickshifter-only models, and the GP ASG analogue sensor, which is for models that offer both the Quickshifter and Autoblipper.